Project coordinator

LUISS Guido Carli is a private university, set up during the seventies, which contributes to development of society through research, education and dialogue with stakeholders especially on the development of public and private organisations. Luiss Business School develops and promotes research in different academic fields with a focus on Strategy and Corporate Renewal, Corporate Governance and Performance Measurement, as well as Innovation and Organization Design. The research is grounded in knowledge of business processes and corporate environments and covers emergent key areas, such as Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability. The experiential activities and the personal leadership are a bridge between the needs of the corporate and public organizations, and academic world. Luiss Business School is a bridge between the academic and business world through its long-term partnership with Confindustria, where key partners from the corporate, no profit and public sectors are directly engaged in the co-creation of specific programs that aim to advance knowledge on management practices. Luiss Business School experience is strongly international to guarantee a global approach and the possibility of creating a network with no boundaries. Luiss Business School is a top-level Business school in the world heritage city of Rome, where beauty, history and culture provide an amazing environment.